Contrary to what some people believe, frozen foods are not devoid of nutrition. In fact, ready-to-eat foods that are frozen have no change in the carbohydrate, protein and fat profile whatsoever. The Indian market is flooded with frozen snacks. These are ready snacks, which can be fried or baked as you want, straight out of the freezer. Please note that every brand has its own instructions as how you can fry their frozen snacks, so check for all the details in advance. In general, these snacks don’t need to be thawed and are best fried in hot oil for about three minutes. Below are some of the options you must try this weekend!

  • Burger patty. As the name suggests, you can try the classic burger patty, which is nothing but a version of the regular one which the restaurants use. You can fry the patty, place it with some sliced onions and tomato between two burger buns to serve immediately. You can even make grilled sandwiches using the patties.
  • French fries. French fries are nice and crunchy on the surface but soft and fluffy on the inside. Fries can be served with dips, or you can make a salad by mixing fried fries with chopped veggies and cooked & sliced chicken breast. Another popular option is to bake the fries with some mozzarella cheese to make a recipe of cheesy fries.
  • Potato smileys. Potato smileys are a kind of tikki or patty, which are similar to French fries in terms of texture and taste. The fun part is the shape, which resembles a smiley. You can use smileys to make your own sandwich or simply top the fried smileys with some chopped onions and mayo.

  • Aloo tikki. Also called aloo ki tikki, this is a classic snack from the Indian fast food market. Aloo tikki is more like a traditional burger patty, which can be served on its own or can be used in sandwiches, wraps and burgers. You can use aloo tikki patties to make a chat of your liking with additional seasoning.
  • Veg nuggets. Nuggets often contain corn, mixed veggies, potatoes and cheese, and you will find a wide range of varieties to choose from. Veg nuggets are absolutely delicious and taste awesome when served with different dips. You can also toss the fried nuggets with some sauces to make your own recipe.

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